moody monday


“Don’t put off your happy life”



Can I talk about how much I hate filling in the “subject” line of blog posts? I feel like it’s so incredibly difficult to come up with something that will make you want to immediately read what is to follow. I mean I only go to blogs to look at the pretty pictures and never even notice the subject line. I say just get to the point because I want to get to the pictures and the point of this post is lighting. Heck, we’re not even gonna talk about it really. I just pulled together these lamps I’m obsessed with and am just leaving it at that. Well, that’s a lie. I’m actually “talking” about lighting because when I walk into my apartment at night, I enter into darkness because there is no light to turn on. I’m working on fixing that problem. Hopefully I can conjure up one of these babies for my living room so when I flip the switch I see one of these beauties staring back at me. (I wish)

Okay, now for what you’re really here for:


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(Apologizes for misleading links. These lamp links were found a long time ago so their original sources are not the same. It will lead you to the sight it was found.)

new space inspiration

Well, I’m moving into a new place in a little over a week and I have nothing to fill it with except a couple vintage chairs, my clothes, a desk, and other random decorative and shop supply items. I’m basically starting from scratch. Including a bed, as in, I don’t have one. It’s a little scary but pretty exciting because I was so sick of all of my belongings from my college years and am ready to update my space to reflect my current taste.

So, I’ve pulled together some images of awesome interiors that I’ve pinned over the years in order to get some inspiration for my new place. (I’m thinking about sharing my decorating progress on the blog. yay? or nay?)

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space3| click image for source |

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A total contradiction to my shop, right? Well, I decided I wanted a calming oasis this time around and I feel like neutrals in natural textures will help achieve that. We’ll see what develops over the next few months, though, because most of the time I tend to purchase very colorful things…

Stay tuned!