august recap

Well today is my birthday and this is what am I doing: laying in bed, drinking a beer, and writing a blog post. True story. Oh and I’m thinking about the amazing vegan feast I’ll be having with family later tonight. It is a meal I’ve been looking forward to all week and the only reason I have made it through these past few days.

So anyway, I thought I’d recap some things that have been going on this month.

It all started with a move into my new apartment. Then a week later I was off to Nashville to intern at Blogshop Nashville where I got to meet Bri of Design Love Fest and Elise of Pennyweight. Both super sweet girls and it was kind of crazy to see them in person since I’ve been following both of their blogs for awhile now. I also met a lot of really cool people who were taking the class and then interned with two other really great girls! It was so awesome and such a good time and I learned TONS even though I was technically helping teach, but man oh man have I been using the Photoshop in the longest way possible. I can’t tell you how many shortcuts I was missing out on. It was life changing to learn those little techniques.

august recap


Once the Blogshop weekend wrapped up, I made a pit stop to a fellow maker’s house to raid her vintage goods she was looking to sell. I picked up a stool and a globe and chatted about the Etsy/maker life with Carolyn, the mind behind all that is Acorn and Archer (check her out! As a customer once told me, we are “creative soulmates” — Yes Carolyn, if you are reading this, someone did say that to me and they are correct)

Then I was headed back to Oklahoma to put my newly acquired stool to use in the kitchen and do a little work on my shop where I announced a new iPhone case design (really it’s been up for awhile, but I never told anyone…oops). As you can see, I also did a little change up in the package (second to last image) and added some confetti to spruce things up. I mean, my shop name is Confetti Riot. It had to be done.

So now it’s the second to last day of August and I am one year older (even though for the past 6 months I thought I was already one year older and literally had to count the years to figure out what age I was turning…answer: 26 > AKA my late 20’s ::gasp::)

Now we’re headed in to September and I am excited for what is ahead. Until then…I’ll be eating cakes and cookies (vegan, duh) in celebration of making it one more year.


[ cake photo cred ]


My Etsy Obsessions

So now that I’ve started my Etsy shop I find myself *obsessively* browsing around, making hoards of treasury lists, and having eyegasms over some of the things I stumble upon. Some items are great gift ideas for friends and family and others are just freaking awesome things you can buy me! (hint, hint boyfriend Andy 😀 ). Either way, I put together a little piece to showcase them and give some love to other shops. Happy viewing!

Etsy Finds | Confetti Riot



1. Geometric Mobiles from AMRADIO

2. Time table stamp from presentandcorrect
(I love how they style their photos. That is my greatest obsession about this shop.)

3. This tote from Tovicorrie

4. Brass horse hoof ring from mrd74

5. Hand printed pillow from melongings

6. Painted pot from CDubina

7. Wood ring box made from Carribean rosewood at OhDierLiving

8. Air plants in seashells from peacocktaco

9. Seafoam handbag from buluchu

10. Gray leather cuff from oropopo



That’s all folks!