Can I talk about how much I hate filling in the “subject” line of blog posts? I feel like it’s so incredibly difficult to come up with something that will make you want to immediately read what is to follow. I mean I only go to blogs to look at the pretty pictures and never even notice the subject line. I say just get to the point because I want to get to the pictures and the point of this post is lighting. Heck, we’re not even gonna talk about it really. I just pulled together these lamps I’m obsessed with and am just leaving it at that. Well, that’s a lie. I’m actually “talking” about lighting because when I walk into my apartment at night, I enter into darkness because there is no light to turn on. I’m working on fixing that problem. Hopefully I can conjure up one of these babies for my living room so when I flip the switch I see one of these beauties staring back at me. (I wish)

Okay, now for what you’re really here for:


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

(Apologizes for misleading links. These lamp links were found a long time ago so their original sources are not the same. It will lead you to the sight it was found.)


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