My Etsy Obsessions

So now that I’ve started my Etsy shop I find myself *obsessively* browsing around, making hoards of treasury lists, and having eyegasms over some of the things I stumble upon. Some items are great gift ideas for friends and family and others are just freaking awesome things you can buy me! (hint, hint boyfriend Andy 😀 ). Either way, I put together a little piece to showcase them and give some love to other shops. Happy viewing!

Etsy Finds | Confetti Riot



1. Geometric Mobiles from AMRADIO

2. Time table stamp from presentandcorrect
(I love how they style their photos. That is my greatest obsession about this shop.)

3. This tote from Tovicorrie

4. Brass horse hoof ring from mrd74

5. Hand printed pillow from melongings

6. Painted pot from CDubina

7. Wood ring box made from Carribean rosewood at OhDierLiving

8. Air plants in seashells from peacocktaco

9. Seafoam handbag from buluchu

10. Gray leather cuff from oropopo



That’s all folks!


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